Bible Fundraiser Appeal
February – March 2024

Dear Reader,

In August 2023 the above club was established by way of supporting a rejuvenation of our Association in the Greater Ballinasloe area / Clonfert Diocese.   Since then it has grown to have eleven members ranging in age from ten to fourteen years.

The young people meet fortnightly for a time of prayer, learning, conversation and games etc..  We also have an occasional outing and celebration of members achievements and are confident we will grow to having twenty members by June.

All have committed to abstaining from alcohol until they reach eighteen years and illegal drugs for life and all have committed to praying the pioneer prayer daily.

It is our custom to begin meetings with a time of scripture-based prayer that is age-appropriate and educational for our young members.  We are keen to support this by acquiring two sets of bibles, a particular set of children’s bibles for our members still in primary school, and a particular set of youth bibles for our members in secondary schools.  Having them will enrich the prayer experience at meetings.  We also look forward to integrating their use into events like our annual retreat day, Christmas and June Masses, quizzes, reading and public speaking challenges, treasure hunts etc..

The cost of the sets of bibles we wish to invest will be c €1485.00 (27 x €55). We are also eager to invest in some additional resources, e.g. icon for sacred space, bringing total cost to c. €1650.00

As of today (17/2/2024) our fundraising initiative has raised, in terms of monies received and pledged, its target amount of €1650.00. 

Our thanks to family and friends, other adult PTAA members and Knights of St. Columbanus who have sponsored bibles. We look forward to remembering your intentions when we use the bibles and take time to pray.

Further enquiries regarding this initiative may be directed to:
Sean Kelly                            
PTAA Youth Club Safeguarding Officer           
Co Galway
086 1647 970 

Justin Harkin
PTAA Youth Club Co-ordinator
Conna House
Co Galway.
H53 YR92
087 6171526