Living the Sacraments

Total number of places: 16
Number of places remaining: 2 (23/4/2022)


Over recent months some members of the CREIDEAMH Network have expressed interest in re-exploring the seven  sacraments of the Catholic Church.   While grateful for insights gleaned from homilies, short articles and in some cases, books, the small group would welcome a forum in which the Church’s teachings would be presented in an accessible way and for opportunities to discuss the teaching in light of members’ own lived experiences, faith journeys, search for God and for happiness.

We hope the information that follows will support you in discerning if this would be something you would enjoy and we look forward to welcoming you should you reserve a place.

If you are not sure whether this is for you, you are welcome to join us on a ‘come and see’ basis, especially if the following objectives speak to you.


  • To offer participants an opportunity to receive the Church’s teaching and to discuss same in a safe, friendly and respectful environment
  • To explore how Christ seeks to reach us in our humanity through each sacrament
  • To stimulate learning and faith-enquiry in a gentle, light-hearted and non-threatening way  … women and men with a sense of humour especially welcome!
  • To nurture discussion as to what it is to live ‘a Catholic life’ today
  • To support short periods of scripture-based group prayer (led and directed by facilitator) connected with the sacraments.

Number of Places

So as to maximise the participatory nature of the course the number of places is limited to sixteen.

Participants may opt to conclude the course at the end of May, i.e. after completion of the second session on the Eucharist, or continue to the end of June, thereby taking in the sacraments of healing and of service.

A Typical Session

For each session participants shall sit in a circle and following a word of welcome proceed through the following elements:

  1. Sharing of  insights etc. gleaned from reading and reflection since the group’s last meeting
  2. Brief introduction to the sacrament that will be the focus of the session
  3. Short time of scripture-based prayer … conversation linking with the sacrament
  4. Input on sacrament integrating opportunities for discussion
  5. Another short time of scripture-based prayer, incorporating exploration of how God’s word finds fulfilment in the sacrament that has been discussed
  6. Reading for next session (which takes less than an hour)


Participants are requested to commit to actively participating in each session and to undertake a minimum of one hour’s reading and reflection between sessions.

Course Materials

Each participant will receive:

  • a loan copy of the Christian Community Bible
        (Catholic Pastoral Study Edition)
  • a prayer card
       (for reading before praying with scripture
  • a loan copy of YOUCAT
  • Input handouts
    (one per session)
  • Pen, notebook and plastic folder
    (to note personal reflections, to keep materials together)


A donation of €20 for six sessions or €30 for ten sessions would be appreciated.    This can be contributed at any time during the duration of the course.

If this will be your first time to undertake an adult faith formation venture of this nature there is no need to contribute until you establish that this is something you find beneficial and life-giving.


All sessions will begin at 8 pm and conclude between 9.15 and 9.30 pm.

21st April
 Information Meeting via Zoom
(8 – 8.20 pm via Zoom)
24th April
1Introduction to course,
resources & sacraments
2nd May
2Baptism 1
8th May
3Baptism 2
15th May
22nd May
5Eucharist 1
29th May
6Eucharist 2
6th June
12th  June
8Anointing of the Sick
19th June
9Sacraments of Service 1
(Holy Orders)
26th June
10Sacraments of Service 2
Participants who do not wish to extend into June may finish up after the second session on Eucharist on Sunday 29th May


Clonfert Family Centre,
Co. Galway.
H53 NX59

Course Facilitator(s)

The main facilitator will be Justin Harkin, Director of the Elphin Diocese’s Pastoral & Faith Development Services.
Justin will be accompanied most evenings by CREIDEAMH network members who have undertaken theological, scripture or catechetical studies or who hope to undertake such studies in the near future.

ZOOM Link for Information Meeting

The meeting will take place on Thursday 21st April, 8 – 8.20 pm

Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 8761715260

Passcode: 270420

To Reserve A Place(s)

Please ring, text or email Justin on 087 6171526 /

Further Enquiries

Please ring, text or email Justin on 087 6171526 /