Parent /Guardian Updates

Dear Parent /Guardian,

Thank you for supporting your child’s membership of the above club.

The purpose of this page is to provide you with updates etc. regarding club developments, decisions, activities etc. We trust it will prove useful to you and to ourselves (Adult Club Leaders) in maintaining good communication.

We propose to have four more meetings / gatherings before summer break:

  1. Friday May 24th (usual meeting)
  2. Friday June 7th (Solemnity of the Sacred Heart / our special day)
    Holy Mass and Social Gathering with other Pioneers / young people interested in becoming Young Pioneers in Emerald Ballroom, Ballinasloe, 7 – 8.30 pm.
  3. Friday 21st June (usual meeting, and welcoming of new members)
  4. Friday 5th July (Club’s Awards Night & First Birthday Celebration) .

Fortnightly meetings will resume on Friday 16th August.

The Club’s Adult Leaders will also be having a 2023/2024 Review and 2024/2025 Planning Meeting toward the middle of June (date and time to be decided). Interested parents and guardians will be welcome to participate. An invitation will issue nearer the time.

On Saturday 6th April Sr Kathyrn, who lives and works with young people in Waterford, will lead a retreat day (day or recollection, fun and faith-learning) for Young Pioneers from Galway, Roscommon and Sligo in Donamon Castle. She will be supported by Bishop Kevin Doran, Justin Harkin and members of our Youth Club. More information @ .

Sr Kathryn appreciates that club members and parents are likely to value an opportunity to chat with her in advance. She is also eager to ask club members for their assistance in running the retreat day … assistance with games, workshops, Holy Mass.

With this in mind we (Youth Club Leaders) have arranged a Zoom meeting with Sr Kathryn as follows:

This Wedneesday (26th March)
8.00 – 8.30 pm

Zoom Link

Zoom ID


We would be grateful if as many Youth Club members and parents as are available could join the meeting, either from the comfort of your own home, or by joining us (Leaders) in the Family Centre (where we normally meet).

We (Club Leaders) also appreciate that some parents are likely to have work commitments on 6th April. At this time we can offer at least six children (three per car) a lift to and from Donamon Castle (retreat venue).

A text reminder of Zoom meeting will issue on Wednesday.

For more than twelve years people from Ballinasloe-Creagh and surrounding parishes have undertaken an outdoor way of the cross around Ballinasloe town on Good Friday. There is also a tradition of participating children carrying the cross (with support and under supervision) for the final stage (station) … from the bottom of main street to the top of St. Michael’s Square.
This year Fr. Garvey has invited our Youth Club to participate – young people, adult leaders and parents – and to carry the cross for the fourth station (from Church of Ireland to the presbytery on Dunlo St.). He appreciates that only some will have availability and would like all who choose to participate to be happy about their invovlement.
If your child would like to participate, and you or another adult family member are free to bring them to the entrance to the Duggan Park on the Fair Green (starting point) but you cannot remain with them please alert Sean or Justin and we will adopt a Safeguarding role for the duration of the walk.
The walk usually concludes at the top of St. Michael’s Square c. 1 pm / 1.10 pm.

In recent years Clongowes Wood College near Clane in Co. Kildare has hosted a week long Catholic Summer Camp for teenagers, 12 to 18 years through an organisation called Camp Veritas (
The camp can take c. 240 young people and most young people who participate love to return. Indeed the camp was over-subscribed last year.
Sr Kathyrn, who is leading our retreat day is among those who lead workshops etc. at the camp. We have invited her to speak briefly about it when we meet her via Zoom on Wednesday evening. Justin will also be an Adult Volunteer with the Camp this year.
If your child is twelve years or older and both she / he and you (parents) find you are interested please contact Justin as we have some people willing to contribute toward costs for youth club members.
As Adult Club Leaders we also see a great advantage for the club in connecting with this camp. Firstly, club members who participate will be very well placed to introduce all of us to games, recreational activities etc. they enjoy at camp. Secondly, it offers a networking opportunity with clubs like our own who avail of the camp for leadership training etc. for their young leaders.


On Friday 15th March an outing to the bowling alley in The Planet Entertainment Centre, Athlone, followed by a trip to Supermacs, will replace our regular meeting.

We would be delighted to be joined by club members’ parents for this outing.

The proposed schedule is as follows:

7.35 pm
Travel to Athlone
… We would be grateful if we could car pool.

8 – 9.15 pm
Hire of two lanes for an hour is being met through grant received from Knights of St. Columbanus last year.

9.20 – 9.45 pm
Return to Ballinasloe and meet up in Supermacs, Sarsfield Rd.
Cost of food and drinks to be met by parents.

9.45 – 10.20 pm
Supper at Supermacs

10.20 pm
Return to our homes.

Additional Information
Club leaders have invited Fr John Garvey PP to join the club for this outing. If circumstances allow he will join us.

If you have any related enquiries or questions please contact Justin on 087 6171526.

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Bible Fundraiser Appeal
February – March 2024

Dear Reader,

In August 2023 the above club was established by way of supporting a rejuvenation of our Association in the Greater Ballinasloe area / Clonfert Diocese and by way of being true to the association’s outreach to young people.   Since then it has grown to have ten members ranging in age from ten to fourteen years.

The young people meet fortnightly for a time of prayer, learning, conversation and games etc..  We also have an occasional outing and celebration of members achievements and are confident we will grow to having twenty members by June.

All have committed to abstaining from alcohol until they reach eighteen years and illegal drugs for life and all have committed to praying the pioneer prayer daily.

It is our custom to begin meetings with a time of scripture-based prayer that is age-appropriate and educational for our young members.  We are keen to support this by acquiring two sets of bibles, a particular set of children’s bibles for our members still in primary school, and a particular set of youth bibles for our members in secondary schools.  Having them will enrich the prayer experience at meetings.  We also look forward to integrating their use into events like our annual retreat day, Christmas and June Masses, quizzes, reading and public speaking challenges, treasure hunts etc..

The cost of the sets of bibles we wish to invest will be c €1485.00 (27 x €55). We are also eager to invest in some additional resources, e.g. icon for sacred space, bringing total cost to c. €1650.00

As of today (17/2/2024) our fundraising initiative has raised, in terms of monies received and pledged, its target amount of €1650.00. 

Our thanks to family and friends, other adult PTAA members and Knights of St. Columbanus who have sponsored bibles. We look forward to remembering your intentions when we use the bibles and take time to pray.

Further enquiries regarding this initiative may be directed to:
Sean Kelly                            
PTAA Youth Club Safeguarding Officer           
Co Galway
086 1647 970 

Justin Harkin
PTAA Youth Club Co-ordinator
Conna House
Co Galway.
H53 YR92
087 6171526